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High Spirits - Kontrabas ŠPANSKA CEDRA Fis

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This High Spirits Contra Bass in the key of "F#" minor is the lowest bass "F#" in our Traditional Series. The deep voice of this flute is ideal for the methodical rhythms of meditative compositions and accompanying other instruments.
This is a large wooden flute with large fingering holes and requires more breath control, so we recommend that you have some experience playing the Native Flute or other wind instruments.
The Contra Bass "F#" is a good accompaniment flute for the mid-tone Golden Eagle Flute "F#" and the high-tone Kestrel Flute in "F#", giving the capability of three octave ranges. This flute is a great addition for performing and recording.
Although several other notes are available, this flute is best described as a single octave instrument.
It is a 6-hole flute.
This flute is 34.75 inches (88 cm) long.
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